Why your next kitchen should be german | Ralph Winter
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Why your next kitchen should be german

Lynn Winter
Director/Head Designer

With their strong reputation for worldwide quality, innovation and style, German kitchens are the way forward. A German kitchen is built to the highest standard and is able to last many years of general use. Recently, our German Kitchen manufacturer removed one of their supplied kitchens that was over 40 years old and still in flawless condition, right down to the sleek laminate worktops. Demand for German Kitchens is growing all over the world with sales and enquiries to over 60 countries with very happy clients’ and you have to ask the question why?


For German kitchens the explicit focus is always on quality and your requirements. This process starts with the selection of certified, authentic materials and accessory components, Precision manufacturing all the way through to the reliable delivery of your custom made kitchen through to the manufacturer’s own fleet of vehicles and employees. Famously recognised for their strength, durability and individuality, our kitchens do not leave our factory until they have passed tough quality control checks, to ensure they are completely resistant. We vigorously test all elements to ensure they meet the demands of a kitchen for years to follow.



Desired for it’s simplistic beauty, sharp lines and majestic finish, German kitchens are at the forefront of design. We strive to be on trend and constantly bring new innovations to the world. German kitchens offer a large variety of high quality finishes from distressed woods, high gloss veneers through to ultra smooth laminates. Handleless units and even curved unit doors can be produced. Memorable for it’s long lines and minimalistic appearance, creatively blending quality, design and innovation. Our German kitchens will provide your home with a truly stunning kitchen that will last for several years to come 40+ to be exact!


German Kitchens are constantly being awarded for design concepts and innovations, which include; BMK Dusseldorf, Interior Innovation Award for innovative design concepts like silent-move, NOVA and wall climber units. All of these awards prove how dedicated we are in achieving the most inspirational and sophisticated design for your German kitchen.



Although a German Kitchen investment will take a lot of consideration and planning, there are many reasons why you should invest! Think about how much time you spend in the kitchen at home, hosting dinner parties or cooking a simple meal. German Kitchens are renowned for their high quality, ranges of modern and contemporary styles to cater for your style and preferences. A German Kitchen would be a long-term investment not only for quality of life and enjoyment but also for adding significantly to the value of your home. New Kitchens can add immeasurable value to your home making it more appealing to buyers. The Royal institute of Chartered surveyors (RICS) consider this be as much as 4%.

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