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Top tips for Bedroom Design

Head Designer, Lynn Winter shares top tips to help you with your bedroom design.

Planning a bedroom but unsure what to take into consideration?  The interior of the bedroom doesn’t have to be mundane.  Utilising space to its highest proficiency doesn’t mean you can’t have style.  Here are some tips you can use to begin turning your sleeping chamber into a little piece of relaxation heaven.

A space to unwind and sleep

The bedroom is a place to relax. Whether you are reading, watching TV or listening to music, there is one key feature for a bedroom: comfortable sleep. Most people believe that spending lots of money in a bedroom when people won’t see it, doesn’t serve a purpose. However, this is your ideal opportunity to create a little bit of calm, luxury and comfort for yourself amongst the hustle and bustle of life.

Simple steps to create a tranquil haven

  1. Review your current room plan. What works and what doesn’t?
  2. Do you have enough storage for clothes? Think about the items that can be put away for a period of time, then strategise the best way to store them. There are now several smart interior wardrobe storage solutions to accommodate lots of different needs. Experiment with crafty ideas to manage your cables and clothes. Remove wires from view to give the room a sleeker feel again, to streamline the design.
  3. Think about the position of the bed. Is it currently in the optimum position? Take into consideration the position of current power points and phone sockets etc, which can determine where your bedside cabinets get positioned. However, this doesn’t have to restrict you entirely, as a lot of headboards come with integrated lighting.

Utilise storage systems

Whatever space and shape you have for your bedroom, there will be storage systems suitable for you, whether it be freestanding bedroom solutions or built-in storage with folding or sliding doors. For those of you lucky to have ample space, there is nothing more luxurious than a walk-in wardrobe.

Don’t try to squeeze everything into your bedroom. A crowded room will feel and look untidy and will not provide you with a sense of calm and tranquility needed for relaxing. Remove any unnecessary furniture or appliances. You should be able to see a transition between different locations in the room.

Setting the mood

Don’t forget about lighting and flooring, these items are also vital in creating an atmosphere that adds comfort to your room. Excessive lighting may brighten up the room too much preventing you from creating a calming, relaxing atmosphere.

Music can be a fantastic way to fill a room. With gentle music available to resonate around your space you’ll experience a sense of real belonging. Whatever the genre or mood there is no better feeling than possession.

Now that you have your perfect room, you can enjoy adding finishing touchers. Dressing the bed with throws and cushions to create a heaven for yourself. A cosy, eloquent, and serene space that boasts comfort and personality.

Your bedroom is an important factor for your mental well-being, so designing your ideal resting space couldn’t be more important. Keep chores and clutter away and save your utopia for reflection and relaxation. Make your bedroom a personal highlight of your home.