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The Team

The lovely Ralph Winter team introduces their favourite showroom pieces.



“My Favourite showroom piece is the onyx Corian. I love Corian, as you can achieve seamless joints and moulded sinks and the surface gives an illusion of extra space. The choice of colour, texture and translucency allows for a variety of design styles throughout the home. I love the freedom that this gives me as a designer; it really is second to none. The translucent colours look absolutely spectacular when lit, claiming centre of attention in any design!”



“One of my favourite aspects of using natural materials is their diversity. As a joiner, this really excites me. This 7030 door in slate veneer is alive with different colours and textures. Its gold accents catch the light, while the dark greens and blacks create mood and atmosphere. It’s simply beautifully understated and elegant, I never tire at looking for the difference in colours and textures, which for me makes this door one of the finest I’ve ever seen.”



“I love our putty concrete pearl grey kitchen, it’s a great focal point in the showroom and regularly hosts our different cooking events. The lines are so crisp and clean and the look is completed with our Gaggenau appliances, which are fantastic and definitely appear on my wish list.”


Skilled Craftsman

“I love the Caruzzo armchair. When it first arrived, what caught my eye was the unique style and how soft it looked. It’s so comfortable, you feel like you are floating! The chair has an amazing finish and is all hand made, making it the best quality.”


Skilled Craftsman

“My preferred product is definitely the Multi-Forma wardrobe as you can create a feature, from the least space possible, and completely change a room. It can also be entirely tailored to the customer’s requirements and is also a lovely product to work with and install. The design possibilities for this range are endless.”


Showroom & Administration Advisor

“My favourite showroom item is the hulsta Gentis Living Room low board in high gloss grey. It is sleek and minimalist, as well as being very functional. The accented LED lighting really enhances and presents the profile of the piece beautifully, while the wall- mounted position makes the most of your floor space. I love it!”


Accounts Clerk

The Pallone is really deceptive, as to look at the chair you would think the seat would be really uncomfortable, but it’s the complete opposite. It really supports your lower back and provides a really comfortable place to rest.”


Showroom Beautifier

“I love everything about the Gynko sofa, its colour, its shape and the softness of the seat. It’s a real focal point. Fashion with tons of comfort, it is the perfect option for a relaxing and stylish home.”


Project Manager

“The Espresso bar is a really cool part of the showroom, displaying some really good design features. The Corian top and supports give it a great look, although the best part of the espresso bar has to be the light panels. The bar shows what can be done when mixing different materials together.”


Skilled Craftsman

“My chosen piece of furniture in the showroom is the hulsta table and chairs in walnut, it’s definitely my favourite finish and would look fantastic in my dining room at home!”


Showroom & Administration Advisor

“My favourite showroom piece is the Parabolica designed by Stefan Heiliger for Leolux. This is a bold chair, which not only looks stunning with its asymmetric shape, it is incredibly comfortable to sit in. An unusual instance where style and substance meet at that right point! The Parabolica is the perfect reading chair and I have just the spot for one in my living room, so I’m saving up!”

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